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Why Blend in when you can stand out?

WOOD looks Awesome, We love it. Thats what inspired us to develop Eco friendly & one of a kind looking sunglasses.

We design a variety of shades for both men and women. Our products are all made with eco-conscious materials including bamboo, a plant that can be harvested in 3-5 years. Not to mention wood is massively more environmentally friendly then oil based plastics production. Our sunglasses are stylish and perfectly designed leaving it hard to imagine they are made from wood. We offer various designs to choose from and are currently at work to bring you more great styles! 

We fell in love with the idea of crafting beautiful products from sustainable materials. Our dream resulted in the creation of this wonderful collection of sunglasses. Since our products are made using the gifts of the nature, we assure you that the costs of our products won’t harm your pocket! Yes, our bamboo & wood sunglasses match the sophistication of the leading brands of sunglasses in the market today but our products are more affordable then the rest! We are also dedicated to giving back, With every purchase made we donate to have two trees planted. Rest assured you won't only look good, you can feel great knowing you've helped make for a greener Earth!

4EST is just a new company, but we are doing our very best to serve our clients in the most enjoyable way. We ensure quality in our job and we make sure that our products are tailored to the requests and expectations of our clients. We aim to be the leading choice of everyone…we want our wooden sunglasses to be your favorites too! With your support we can grow the 4EST community together and offer more product that you will love to have!

​Got Wood?

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Ranked #4 in Mens sunglasses for 2017 by Ezvid Wiki
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